Fire safety for businesses

How to protect your business from the dangers of fire

Fire extinguisherIn 2010-2011 just Nineteen men and women passed away as a result of a fire in their place of business. It would appear that business owners are gradually beginning to understand and take their fire safety duties seriously, which is actually resulting in a continual reduction in the quantity of deaths.

During 2006 the new fire safety order was brought in. This order replaced a few other pieces of fire safety regulations and also marked a turning point in workplace fire safety. The obligation regarding fire safety in the premises is now that of the premises owner, managing agent, or people in control of the premises, not that of the fire brigade. That meant that managers, directors and chief executives were currently liable for their fire risk assessments, training procedure implementation and fire precaution measures, including extinguishers and alarms. Even though there are differing amounts of risk in different places of work, they are almost all included in the order.

Quite possibly the foundation of fire safety in the workplace is what’s commonly known as a fire risk assessment, that is a method of determining precisely what dangers might be present, the controls which might presently be in place, as well as any further action which might be required.

Once the fire risks inside your premises have been evaluated, it is essential to ensure that you adhere to the assessor’s advice and install the necessary devices. Every item has its important part to play in the area of fire safety, and collectively can make a fantastic defence mechanism in the case of a workplace fire, essentially preserving the lives of those people who devote themselves to your company’s success.

Dry Rising fire mains will often be seen in bigger multi storey properties. That being said, such devices will often be misunderstood, with their importance in a fire scenario forgotten. A dry riser system is a group of pipes and valves that will deliver water to each and every floor of the building in order to aid in the fire-fighting procedure. These kinds of systems save laying out fire hose into the premises and up multiple flights of stairs, as the fire brigade can easily pump water into the system from the street and hook up their hoses to the appropriate landing valve within the premises.

When there is reduced accessibility to the property, dry riser systems are a highly effective fire safety solution. Nonetheless, there is 1 issue which may manifest with dry rising fire mains and that’s that once installed they can be neglected or possibly even a victim of criminal damage. In order to avoid the potential of them not functioning adequately, you need to inspect them frequently. For more information about dry risers check out

Typically dry rising fire mains would only be found in larger premises, and in smaller premises you’d generally be more dependent on portable fire fighting products like .

Despite the fact that the fire and rescue service have given up the control of workplace fire and safety you need to bear in mind that they are still on hand to give information on the best ways to assess risk and take action. If you want to enhance your understanding of fire and safety there are also numerous online learning resources and also a number of pamphlets which are available from local libraries and government buildings.